Top 10 Favorite Episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


Now with season 6 coming in two days, I thought I’d give my top 10 favorite episodes of My Little Pony. This isn’t what are in general are the best, these are my personal favorite episodes. I might update this list when season 6 is over.

10.The Cutie Re-Mark: This finale gave me what I wanted, Starlight being a great villain, a tragic back-story, and a start of her redemption that would make her a new main character in season 6. I love the idea of a villain stopping the rainboom causing all the mane 6 to not get there cutie marks though that should have been a movie or something. I like Starlight Glimmer’s back-story because makes you feel sorry and understand why she thinks that cutie marks are bad and why every pony should be equal. What great and clever way to bring back the previous villains though Tirek, Discord, and Flim Flam brothers (weird choice) are only cameos. The one problem is that it doesn’t have the epic feel of the previous season finale (I’ll get to that later). Still this was a nice way to end my favorite season of MLP.

9.Friendship Is Magic: What a great way to start a show. The introduction of the mane 5 is done very well establishing their personalities and the scenes where they show their elements is also done well too. The main problem I have is that the main villain Nightmare Moon is kind of weak compared the later villains. Lauren Faust pretty put all her effort into this and it payed off wonderfully.

8.Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: I said this in a post before but Rainbow Dash is my favorite character, so I had to add an episode about her. Each character shows a different way of learning though some of them are weird like Rarity and Pinkie’s. This episode shows that using someone else’s learning style is not always the answer and that you should use your own learning style. Rainbow Dash’s learning style is clever and relatable to me because I sometimes multi task while studying.

7.Keep Calm and Flutter On: When I first heard about this episode on the internet, I was really really looking forward to this episode. Though I wan’t a fan of Return of Harmony (the corrupted ponies are really irritating) Discord was the best thing in that two parter. Discord is such a great character with a great design and great comedy. I will admit that him turning good in just one episode did seem too sudden though later he still seemed mischievous. Twilight’s Kingdom pretty much seals his redemption.  This episode was very funny and showed a different side of Discord that we didn’t see earlier. The scene where Discord realizes his doing, looks at the abandoned ice skates and says teary eyed “well played Fluttershy, well plays” is sweet.

6.Tanks for the Memories: My favorite Rainbow Dash episode. I think this episode is the closes we will get to the theme of death (unless you count King Sombra’s death). It doesn’t even have to due with death it actually deals with Rainbow’s pet turtle going into hibernation, but she treats it like he’s dying. I also like how it shows the five stages of grief. Is it weird that I actually like the scene where Rainbow Dash cries? Rainbow Dash’s song was nice and the comedy with Angry Rainbow Dash, Puffy Clouds, and Winter is Coming are really funny.

5.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?: Luna’s power of visiting pony’s dreams was built up for three episodes, and now its the main focus of this one. Some of the mane 6’s dreams were clever and matches there personalities.  However some of them were too obvious like Twilight’s, Applejack’s and Rarity’s because they stick too close to their archetypes.The best one was Rainbow Dash’s. The last third of this episode is both hilarious and epic. There are callbacks for early episodes and many side characters get moments to shine like Princess Macintosh, Filthy Rich’s money, and flying Scootaloo. This is really fun episode and you would think you would watch in a dream.

4.Fall Weather Friends: This is probably the funnest episode on this list. It starts off with Applejack and Rainbow Dash facing off in a iron pony competition and then the running of the leafs. It doesn’t seem just a Rainbow Dash episode or a Applejack episode, its treats them both as equals. Funny since there both played by the same actress. An episode can be interesting when there more then one character being the focus of the episode. The way Applejack and Rainbow Dash work off each other is fun. There relationship is like two kids being best friends and yet compete against each other.  The running of the leafs is exciting and funny. Though I would say that Twilight should have won first place instead of fifth, it would have made that fact that they tied to last more ironic.

3.The Last Roundup: Derpy can talk!  Before the next two this was my favorite episode. I like how far the mane 5 were willing to go to find Applejack. The chase is awesome and funny, I love how Applejack does not realize that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can fly. Also does anyone notice that Applejack not telling the truth and Rainbow Dash not heading back to get Rarity and Pinkie goes against there elements a little? The reveal of Applejack not coming back due to not winning any first place ribbons is understandable. The one weird thing about this episode is that they mane 4 leave Pinkie and Rarity behind.  This episode is a great episode to watch, and that’s a pinkie promise (don’t break it)

2.Crusaders of the Lost Mark: When this episode ended I pretty much became the foamy mouth guy from Avatar the Last Airbender. At first it seemed like a musical episode about the crusaders helping Pipsqueak becoming class president, then it moves to a redemption episode for Diamond Tiara, and also cutie mark crusaders get there cutie marks, pretty much a filler episo…wait What!?! 😮 This episode was amazing and unexpected. They turned an unlikable character Diamond Tiara into a sympathetic character which helps make her redemption pay off very well. The best part was the ending. Seeing the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally get their cutie marks was so wonderful and emotional. The last song was a great song that would make any brony cry tears of joy. My only problem with this episode is that it should have been episode 24 before the season finale instead of it being episode 18. This episode was a wonderful way to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of one of the best cartoons I have seen.

1.Twilight’s Kingdom: This is the best episode of MLP and here’s why. I think this two parter has the best story of them all. Every character in this two parter plays an impotent role maybe not in this episode but in the episodes that tie into this one. The story ties together perfectly and I like how things in the beginning come back in the end to save the day. For example There is a scene where Discord is looking through the friendship journal and he bookmark the 5 pages that tell when the mane 6 got the keys. So where do they find the last key? In the end Discord is the one that gives Twilight the last one. Tirek was a great and threatening villain and I wouldn’t mind if he came back for the season 6 finale. The songs are wonderful to listen to. The climax is epic and well done. Every character that gave the mane 6 there keys gets a clever cameo in the end which I think is a great idea. To be honest I have no problems with this episode at all, I think it’s a perfect episode.



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