January and February Recap

This a post that will recap the films or tv show episodes I’ve seen in the past month. Forgot to do January so I combining these two months together. This was inspiration by skoce.com for his posts of “What I watched in”. I will also talks about movies that I saw but weren’t big enough for a post review. I also put links to movies I did reviews on.


Ride Along 2: Boring but harmless, (could have seen Norm of the North but I changed my mind) (I chose wisely). D

Dirty Grampa: Very dirty and some of the jokes fall flat. (Only saw this because it was my Mom’s Birthday and she wanted to watch this). F+

Kung Fu Panda 3: While I still like Kung Fu Panda 2 better, this is still a great follow up. A-

Hail Caesar: I found this underwhelming, though Hobie Doyle was funny and the dance scene with Burt Gurney was fun. C

Deadpool: A very funny superhero movie that redeems Ryan Reynolds for X-men Origins Wolverine. A-

Zoolander 2: Mostly a time waster but still had some funny moments. C


Steven Universe: Great introduction to Yellow Diamond A+

Gravity Falls: One of the greatest series finales I have seen. A


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