Deadpool Review

deadpool poster

The movie Deadpool is pretty much  redemption for Ryan Reynolds performace of Deadpool in X-Men Origins:Wolverine. This movie was fun, hilarious, and stays true to what Deadpool’s character is.

Deadpool is about Wade Wilson who finds out he has cancer. He joins a secret program run by Ajax to find a cure for his cancer. He is then used for experiments and while is cancer is cured his face is disfigured. He is now out for revenge while still retaining his humor.

While this movie is good it does have flaws.  Some of the other characters like Wade’s love interest Vanessa is just the typical love interest character and the villain Ajax is just the typical villain. The story is also just a love and revenge story put in just so the movie has a plot.

Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool wonderfully as the snarky, swearing anti hero. Even the x men characters Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (yes that’s her name) are also good characters that work off Deadpool. The comedy in this film pretty much saves it from the flaws i mentioned. There are so many fourth wall jokes The opening credits is one of the funniest parts of the movie. Spoilers: Ryan’s name is replaced with God’s Perfect Idiot, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. The action also done very well though it is a little gory at times.

Deadpool in the end is still a fun, funny addition to the Marvel movies is I would recommend you to see this movie is your a big fan of Deadpool.

+ Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
+ The x-men characters
+ Very funny
+ Fun action
– Other characters
– plain revenge/ love story
– Drama Scenes

Score: A-


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