Funny Idea for a Steven Universe parody video

This was an idea I made back in 2014 when Mirror Gem appeared. The parody involved me being a character in the show. It’s based on the fact that Pearl was the one who gave Steven the mirror which triggered a bunch a events later.

After the scene where Steven smacks Garnet and runs off with the mirror, I would walk to a cupboard called the Blame Cupboard. The Blame Cupboard would have four bottles of wine. I would take a drink out of the wine bottle who is to blame in that scene (that being Pearl).

Here is what the bottles would be like in Mirror Gem. Garnet’s bottle would have cobwebs meaning that she has not been blamed for anything. Amethyst’s bottle, they would actually be  three empty bottles and one almost empty, meaning she gets blamed a lot (LOL). Pearl’s bottle has a little bit gone. But since this is about Mirror Gem, her bottle is the one a take a drink out of. Steven’s bottle is half full or half empty.

Now this is the funny thing about this parody. I put this idea to the side, and then Cry for Help appeared. (The episode where Pearl betrays Garnet by forcing her to fuse). My little gag became so ironic after that (LOL). Now in the parody I would be pretty much drinking right out of the bottle.

I guess now I’ll have to get a bottle for Peridot (LOL)

Leave a comment I you like this gag.

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